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If you do nothing else about an internet presence, call us today, 847-550-1275. Let us help you reserve your domain name, your own dot com!

Get your web address before someone else does!

Web design development, including domain name research, search engine optimization, and dynamic content

Inevitably, the web is going to catch you in its snare. And Wordspecs is here to untangle the web for you. You may not know a URL from an ISP, a GIF from a JPG, a spider from a mouse. Not to worry. You don't even have to own a computer to become master of your own domain!

Wordspecs understands just what a web site can do for your business. We know what the average web visitor wants and needs from a site, and how to bring your visitors back again and again. We also have documented successes in getting our clients listed and ranked in the major search engines and Internet directories. Whether e-commerce or a self-administered web site is in your future, we'll get you there fast and affordably.

Your web site design will amplify your business identity, and we'll help you put together a fully functional internet design package to drive more unique visitors traffic to your site, including vanity e-mail addresses, request forms, hyperlinks to other sites of interest to your customers, and more!

Get your web feet wet!

Thinking small? That's a great way to start, particularly by making one call to begin the process. Thinking big? We have the best web development partnerships in Chicago—and yes, you should work locally. But whatever you do, reserve your dot com name right away, before someone else does! It's the best business investment you'll make this year! Or refer a colleague and earn a $250 referral fee.

Need to do even more with even more?

How often have you thought, “I'd like a web site, but I don't want to pay for regular updates. Isn't there a way I can update my own web site, without learning how to program code?” Well, yes! There is. It’s called self administration, and you can manage your own content from any computer using any browser. All you need is an internet connection, and Wordspecs.

Want a calendar of events that's always up-to-date? We can do that! Want to add your own photos and descriptions, to create an always new online catalogue? We can do that!

Want to fulfill literature requests automatically? And capture the information from every request into your database? Want to set up a customer email list, and be able to send out emails readily and legally? We can do that!

Can we build one for you?

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