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Think about the convenience of having a high quality collection of logos…that "stat sheet" you're always asked for…right in your file cabinet. We can do that!

High quality camera ready art:
what it is, and why you gotta have it!

Someone wants you to "place an ad." Ah, if only you had one on hand! For all of you who don't think about artwork until the deadline has come and gone, here are three things you should know about graphics for advertising.

Camera ready art is just what the name implies: a clear, crisp, uniform image that represents your business identity. It should be infinitely scalable, up and down, so that it looks great whether its printed in the telephone directory or on a highway billboard. Camera ready art comes in many formats, depending on who is using it and in what medium. Camera ready art is what is requested of you by your printer, newspaper, magazine, sign maker and advertising specialties vendors.

When creating and updating your camera ready art, keep this in mind:

  1. LOGO. Your logo is the single most important element in your advertising or marketing materials. If you don't have a great logo, get one. Your logo should represent what you actually do, be visually arresting, and look great as small as one inch high or as wide as a billboard.

  2. GIGO. "Garbage in, garbage out." Regardless of the quality of the publication, poor artwork doesn't heal itself. Faded photocopies, faxes of faxes, or that business card that's been folded up in your wallet is not ready to be printed.

  3. KISS. “Keep it simple, and the same.” Develop a distinctive look (including type style) for your business promotions, and stick with it—for a good long time. Don't expect your potential customer to spend even a moment figuring out who you are and what you do.

Wordspecs professional graphic arts services don't cost, they pay off. We work on a fee-for-service basis (no retainers) and we know the ins and outs of reproduction specifications across all media.

A professional concept and rock-solid execution can make you a standout in your business category. And with your graphic images digitally archived, changing a call to action, dropping in a new product photo, or (oh, no, not again!) updating your area code, is fast and cost-effective.

So what's the next step? Give Wordspecs the best copy of your logo that you have, along with a representative sampling of your business materials—business card, letterhead, etc. If you do not have a digital version (computer file) of your logo, we will create one for you, and give it to you on disk in a variety of formats that you can use in your own computer or give to your printer or newspaper. We will also develop a high quality "stat sheet" of your logo and contact information. With that on hand, you will always be ready for those last minute opportunities.

Yes, you can add your logo to your e-mail signature, attach your logo file to printers and advertising specialty vendors, and promote your business every single day.

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